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Improved DNA Electrophoresis | Better Than TBE or TAE Buffer July 20, 2007

Posted by ramunas in research, technology.

When I run my electrophoresis gel I have a plenty time to update this blog :). But it seems that a significant time lag needed to run EF will shrink soon – ScienceDaily reports, that a better DNA separation electrophoresis from Johns Hopkins University allows to do it five times faster and less expensive. Buffer solutions ingredients involved in the EF process have been unchanged for 30 years, and its seems they are not the best ones: the evidence shows that the compound lithium boric acid in DNA electrophoresis is the optimal solution for this process.

“A process that normally takes around one and a half, two hours to do can be done in 10 minutes – in some instances it can be 10-fold faster,”

inventor claims. Well, I do it usually for 30-40 minutes, but anyway…

According to Dr. Brody, the finding is “not just a useful discovery for cancer research, but also for the neurosciences, developmental biology – increasingly, many fields involve DNA analysis.” The process has already been gaining acceptance and use internationally (via) .



1. Trisha - July 26, 2007

So if you start using this new buffer does that mean you won’t have time to blog anymore?

2. ramunas - July 26, 2007

🙂 hopefully no – will ask my students to run EF then 🙂

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