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Personalized DNA Analyzer | Precautions July 20, 2007

Posted by ramunas in media, technology.

Those GreenFluorescentProtein (GFP) Bunny lovers should welcome a first personalized PCR device – Spartan DX!

When Steve Wozniak assembled a first personal computer prototype Apple-I in 1976 nobody thought that will be so widespread as is today.

I think the fiction world, desribed in William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and Paul Di Filippo novels, has already came into reality.

For “only” $14,995 U.S. dollars, you can take a Spartan DX Personal DNA Analyzer to your next family reunion and start checking for those “non-paternity events.” (via)

Or even perform a cancer predisposition test. I am convinced that predictive DNA testing can not be regarded as solely laboratory practice – it must be appropriately interpreted (before and after genetic testing) by a specialist (i.e. clinical geneticist). Otherwise you can misinterpret the data and have all the worst consequences behind that.

This research-only device is just begging for application in some sort of futuristic lab or organization. Like maybe in a Gattaca-style research center.(via)

Can you foresee an impact of these “DNA results on demand”?



1. Suricou Raven - July 20, 2007

Im no expert, but I think this is a nifty purification and amplification device… and next to useless without a whole lot of other equipment. Throw in a few more expensive toys and you can do a paternity test or basic forensics, but you need a whole laboratory and some very good experts to to any type of disease checking. This isn’t a revolution – all it means is that those who can already play with DNA can now do so a bit faster.

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