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Virtual Cancer Information And Services | Second Life July 31, 2007

Posted by ramunas in bio-software, cancer genetics, media, technology.

Cyberspace now become more and more widespread phenomena. A Virtual world Second Life, created by Linden Research, Inc , ScienceRoll sees as a new creative education environment. Personally, I have to do a lot in my first (real) life, before I can join a Second Life, but anyway, this environment reminds me a lot of SF’s ideas, I’d read before – William Gibson’s cyberspace, Matrix and S. Lukjanenko’s DeepTown. Interestingly, lot of corporations and real-world institutions are opening their offices in this virtual world, and American Cancer Society’s (ACS) is not an exception. Forbes announces, that on July 27 and 28, almost 2,500 people gathered online in the world of Second Life and run a virtual relay race to raise money for cancer research.

The third annual virtual “Relay for Life” marks the grand opening of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) virtual headquarters in the Second Life community, which is a co-sponsor of the relay.

Well, I would better join a bicycle ride to raise a funds, but anyway:

The new virtual building, which opened June 1, is designed to provide the same cancer information and services to people in the virtual world as the organization provides in the real world. The building includes presentation and meeting rooms for cancer education sessions and fund-raising meetings, and will soon feature a staffed link to the group’s National Cancer Information Center. The headquarters also features green space and gardens to showcase user-created art that expresses the personal fight against cancer.

“Already, we have existing peer-to-peer Second Life cancer support groups coming to us to use the facility and our resources. We are certain that, going forward, the community will find untold uses for our office space in terms of education, advocacy, fund raising and community support,” said Moss.

It is interestingly whether they have genetic counseling room there? I think that kind of service would be great, especially if you’d implement a portable hyper-DNA-collection-USB device 🙂



1. test - July 31, 2007

william gybson should also consider other online worlds apart from second life for online fund raising.

the power of virtual worlds is amazing

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