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Variants of Hormonal Axis Tagged | Breast Cancer August 16, 2007

Posted by ramunas in breast cancer, cancer genetics, genetic testing, research.

A study from Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands, just published in OpenAccess journal “Breast Cancer Research“, retrospectively investigates the prognostic significance of two variants of genes involved in the in hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis, i.e. the Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) 16Trp/Ser genotype and Luteinizing Hormone receptor (LHR) insLQ variant (common polymorphic CTCCAG insertion), in collected premenopausal breast cancer patients with a long follow-up (medium – 11 years).

Polymorphic variation in genes regulating estrogen production may partly explain differences in susceptibility, clinical presentation and outcome of breast cancer between individuals or population, article says.

Researchers found, that patients carrying both the GnRH 16Ser and LHR insLQ allele (approximately 25% from a total of 278 cases) showed a significant increased (doubling) risk of relapse, which was independent of traditional prognostic factors (hazard ratio (HR) =2.14; 95% CI 1.32-3.45; P= 0.002). Neither LHR insLQ nor GnRH 16Ser genotypes influence the risk of breast cancer development (ref.)

I think, it is interesting finding, and when confirmed in a further larger, prospective studies, genetic testing for these polymorphisms may provide additional prognostic information for premenopausal breast cancer patients in clinical practice and may result in tailored endocrine treatment of these patients.

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