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GeneGenie#15 | Carnival Release September 9, 2007

Posted by ramunas in cancer genetics.

[Courtesy of Ricardo Vidal]


It is my pleasure to release #15 edition of blog carnival Gene-Genie, a carnival about genes and gene-related disorders.

So, let’s take a run.

Gene Scan

The hottest news is certainly that J. Craig Venter’s personal genome was sequenced – it resonated everywhere, from labs to blogosphere: the best collection of articles is here (by EyeOnDNA). Analysis of this the most comprehensive human genome to date revealed, that humans are more unique than it was thought. Some of the sequence in Venter’s genome is associated with wet earwax, increased risk of antisocial behaviour, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases (via). Good news for personalized medicine and good promo for 454 (thought I believe in nanopores future). Be ready for low cost-genomes ($1K) sooner than 2014 (a detailed explanation why it’s so expensive now is here (by DigitalBio) and sense your own genetic information while browsing at 23andme. What could we expect from Venter more now? Probably synthesized version of own genome at his Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

Hurry up, PGP’ers!

I think we will soon forget Sanger’s method of the ’70 ies like tend to forget Maxam-Gilbert’s, but still now, after automated fluorescent sequencing is done there’re lot of data to analyze visually or rely on Staden (my favourite), Chromas Lite, Phred, Mutation Surveyor or KB. The unexpected experience of DigitalBio with ABI’s KB is writen here.
There is dismaying news from an US Army about genetic discrimination covered by EyeOnDNA.

Be Healthy

Higlight Health warns, that smoking leads to changes in gene expression, some of which are reversible and some of which are permanent (more that 10yrs), according to a new study from BMC Cancer. Smoking is the single most important avoidable cancer risk factor. Don’t start smoking in the first place. If you do smoke, now is the time to quit (via).

Now, a 5-minute cigarette brake :]

Our sponsors??!

Avoid passive smoking too – it is even more harmful:

More stories about cancer:

My brief BRAF story about simple somatic oncogene mutation which is specific to sporadic colorectal cancer but not hereditary form and about a new immunohistochemical prognostic test for breast cancer.

A new important gene associated with aggressiveness of breast cancer – tumor suppresor acetyl-transferase TIP60 (story by GeneSherpa), which rather unusually needs only one copy malfunctioning to start enhancing tumor growth (because of haploinsufficiency).

Cotch dot net writes about the importance of DNA checkpoints in the tumour development from an evolutionary perspective.

Bonus: Funky guys from BayBlab just released the first blog carnival about cancer research.

If you still smoke and sooner or later develop a lung cancer – don’t worry – you can bank your DNA just before a funerals. A comprehensive list of labs providing this service is listed here (by Genetic Genealogist).

Letters from Editor to a Host.

I have received very informative letter from editor Bertalan – that list will fulfill you for sure (some of the links appear repeatedly, but it represents the way our genome is organized:):

And here are the others:

Well, now we have to slow down our speed and congratulate a new carnival host – Neurophilosophy ! Please further submit articles by filling in the carnival submission form.



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3. Steven Murphy MD - September 10, 2007

Great Carnival Ranumas….Thanks for the add.

4. Walter - September 11, 2007

Thanks for including my article Ramunas. I love the cigarette break and sponsor graphics!

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8. Juan - November 12, 2007

Anyone who smokes should be on the lookout for the symptoms of Lung Cancer. However, Lung Cancer does strike non-smokers as well, so just because you don’t smoke, doesn’t make you immune to developing this devastating form of cancer.

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