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Local Biotech September 13, 2007

Posted by ramunas in media, personal.

Slightly offtopic, but anyway: today I’ve attended some local biotechnology conference about the perspectives of this field in our country and will present some news. There were presentations of several quite known local manufacturers and some from start-ups.

The Fermentas, historically producer of restriction enzymes, but now offering wide range of molecular research/diagnostic tools with offices worldwide, impressed me with a nice NoLimits™ DNA fragments picture (source), which would fit on a T-shirt 🙂

Multiple fast digestion (5 minutes) with FastDigest™ Restriction Enzymes was also something new for me to hear.

Reverse terminator based sequencing ArraySBS (sequencing-by-sequencing) project, developed jointly with Estonian Asper Biotech and Swedish Oligovation may be useful addition for whole genome sampling/sequencing fewer.

Biopharmaceutics producer Sicor Biotech may soon present own chimeric/humanized antibodies for cancer treatment.

Biocentras produces specific microbial strains for remediation of soil polluted by oil and offers this type of cleaning service.

Sorpo diagnostics, mainly involved in viral/microbial disease diangostics, just created SORPOclean™ modules for rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from various clinical specimens and SORPOline™ kits are designed for highly specific and sensitive detection of pathogen DNA/RNA by end-point PCR/RT-PCR.

Still, I think this emerging biotech industry need put more efforts for government lobby, cause its importance is (strangely) underscored (what an ignorance).



1. AC - September 16, 2007

Hi Ramunas, If you’re so inclined there is a second edition of the cancer research carnival coming up oct5th here: http://nosugrefneb.com/weblog/2007/09/14/cancer-research-blog-carnival/

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