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Knome | The First Whole-Genome Sequencing Co. October 31, 2007

Posted by ramunas in personal.

I’ve read a short review in Nature summarizing personal genomics companies, like 23andme.com and navigenics.com. Surprisingly, a third – Knome – based in Cambridge, MA, came to my attention:

We are the first firm to offer individuals the opportunity to have their entire personal genome sequenced. Using the latest advances in whole-genome sequencing, we will sequence your genome and will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the results under the direction of a leading geneticist. Further, our proprietary genome management platform will enable you to retain complete control over your private genomic information.

Well, its not genotyping (as other 2 offers), but sequencing of whole genome.

In addition to being amongst the first individuals in history to be fully sequenced (a group that, to date, includes only James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA, and Craig Venter, one of the pioneers who first sequenced the human genome), you will be able, for the first time, to use detailed knowledge of your own genetic information to make decisions that can significantly enhance your lifestyle, health and medical care. Once your entire genome has been sequenced, you can stay current on future genetic discoveries without having to take additional tests. Beyond health-related applications, your sequenced genome can provide insights into your own ancestry and genealogy.

Wanna stand near Watson and Venter? Do it at Knome :)

We are selecting a limited number of individuals to participate in our initial launch phase. If you are interested in purchasing a private copy of your personal genome, please contact us. Due to the significant costs associated with our services, we reserve the right to refuse access at our complete and sole discretion.

Hsien, I think that have some similarities with immaginatory SellMyDna.com services, but real. Bercy, hurry up to sign in! :)


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