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BOADICEA Final Version Released December 15, 2007

Posted by ramunas in bio-software, breast cancer, cancer genetics, familial cancer, genetic testing, hereditary cancer, ovarian cancer, technology.

Here is probably the most accurate breast&ovarian cancer risk/mutation probability calculation web-application released from Cambridge University Genetic Epidemiology UnitBOADICEA.

BOADICEA is a computer program that enables the user to estimate BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carrier probabilities and breast/ovarian cancer risks based on polygenic model. The BOADICEA Web Application (BWA) has been designed in collaboration with clinical geneticists and researchers, in order to make BOADICEA risk estimations much quicker and easier.

It differs from available (BRCAPRO, Gail, Couch, Frank, Manchester model etc.), since it assumes not only high penetrance genes (eg. BRCA) for risk calculation, but also contribution of other low penetrance genes, most not yet identified (thus polygenic).

For more than a year lot of users tested beta phase (I am grateful to Alex Cunningham, the main developer and programmer, for letting to participate during this phase) and the final version was released. Excellent work, I would say!

The approach was first described by Antoniou AC et al. in 2004 and it was shown that overall familial risks of breast cancer predicted by this model were close to those observed in epidemiological studies.

Anyone can register to use the program including researchers, healthcare professionals and the public. However, if you are a member of the public and you are concerned about your family history, it is strongly advised that you seek guidance first from your general practitioner (see Advice for members of the public).

N.B. Be aware, however, that current model is based on genetic epidemiology of UK population. For other populations it may give not correct risk estimation.

P.S. I would like to apologize my readers for not posting long – I’m completely drowned in the final year of my residency and end of a year…



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