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SNPedia, bioinformatics and Frank Zappa in Vilnius July 12, 2008

Posted by ramunas in personal.

This week I was really happy to meet the founder of SNPedia Mike Cariaso. And not virtually, but in reality in my native city Vilnius, where a bioinformatics EuroPhyton conference was held. Some walk in the old town and beer was great. And there was even famous Hans Rosling talk in this conference! (what a pity, I didn’t manage to listen to it, but it was pretty much the same he had at TED conference:

If you do not know what is SNPedia – it is collaborative aggregation of information about genetic variation, inspired by the personal need to understand own variation (Mike has done own SNP scan on two platforms).

This website shares information about the effects of variations in your DNA, citing peer-reviewed scientific publications. Great stream from Bethesda, MD, just opposite National Health Institute:)

And there is something unique in Vilnius, a blend of American (unnoficial) culture – the monument of Frank Zappa – the only such kind of monument for rock musician in a world.

Zappa’s death from prostate cancer in 1993 hit photographer Saulius Paukštys and fellow devotees hard and in a flash of inspiration they managed to erect a lasting memorial to this truly libertarian person.



1. cariaso - July 12, 2008

Many thanks for the excellent hospitality. Gorgeous city, friendly late night party town. For those of you who’d like to know what Ramunas looks like, check out

2. Bookmarks about Stream - October 26, 2008

[…] – bookmarked by 5 members originally found by escoles on 2008-10-05 SNPedia, bioinformatics and Frank Zappa in Vilnius https://cancergenetics.wordpress.com/2008/07/12/snpedia-bioinformatics-and-frank-zappa-in-vilnius/ […]

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