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Founder BRCA1/2 mutations in the Europe: Belgium August 7, 2010

Posted by ramunas in BRCA, breast cancer, cancer genetics, genetic testing, hereditary cancer, ovarian cancer.

Claes et al. [91] in a 49 BRCA1/2 positive families found six major recurrent founder mutations (three BRCA1 c.212+3A> (BIC: IVS5+3A>G), c.2359dupG (BIC: 2478insG), c.3661G>T (BIC: 3780G>T) and three BRCA2 c.516+1G>A (BIC: IVS6+1G>A), c.6275_6276delTT (BIC: 6503_6504delTT), c.8904delC (BIC: 9132delC) alterations), which accounted for nearly 60% of all mutations identified. BRCA1 c.212+3A>G was previously reported as Belgian founder mutation [92, 93], later also found in a few German, Dutch and French families [91]. BRCA1 c.2359dupG and BRCA2 c.516+1G>A have not yet been reported in other populations.

My full review article: Janavicius R. Founder BRCA1/2 mutations in the Europe: implications for hereditary breast-ovarian cancer prevention and control




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