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Scientific tourism on the road May 22, 2011

Posted by ramunas in cancer genetics.

Last week I had an opportunity to visit two important events related to my professional interests. One was held in Bristol (UK) – Cancer Genetics Meeting, where I presented a poster on recently developed new method for Lynch syndrome and MSI screening.
The second one was in Berlin (DE) – 2nd Congress of European society of Predictive Medicine, where i was invited to give a talk about founder BRCA1/2 mutations in the Europe.
After somehow unexpected loss of my prepared presentation, there was a very productive brainstorm all way back in coach to London, there (thanks to Pret-A-Manger free internet hotspots) and the airport. Since there was interest in my review, now anyone can dowload it here.
And in the next week there will be big European Society of Human Genetic meeting in Amsterdam (NL), where i will present a case in oncogenetic meeting (soon there will be separate post about ESHG). A very informative scientific guide on ““How the British and the Dutch Communicate”” highlights some important aspects for successful understanding of some evident peculiarities in these two nations 🙂
From Amsterdam I have plans to enjoy Dutch way of travelling and cycle with my folding Brompton down to Brussels, Belgium. If anyone have something suggest to visit on the way – is welcome to share.



1. Sanath - July 18, 2017

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