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Genetic testing

Molecular genetic diagnostic tests for known cancer predisposing genes:

Commercialy available gene expression profiling tests

IMPORTANT NOTE. Some commercial tests for moderate/low cancer risk genetic predisposition are not verified/supported by independent experts or scientific evidence. Please consider these links with common sense and vigilance.

Breast cancer:

Cancer of unknown origin:

Genetic predisposition (SNP genotyping) and prognostic tests:

Breast cancer:

Prostate cancer:

Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC):

If you know any genetic test/relevant information not listed here – please leave a message in the comments-field or email me.



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3. Mary Jane Wallitsch - October 25, 2007

Our family has had breast cancer in several members and also thyroid cancer in quite a few members. My immediate family has had 3 children plus myself having thyroid cancer, plus several of my sisters, father, nieces and now my brother. Please, we are looking for a genetic link and several of our Doctors would like us to take testing for these cancers so would like iformation of sorts on how and what is involved with this type of testing. Do the insurance companies pay or how much does the testing costs also what are the insurance companies doing about knowing the genetic of a family makeup on this sort of testing are future concerns. I have one other daughter that has not as yet have problems that we know of and the second daughter just having thyroid cancer. My second oldest daughter has had thyroid with removal of the entire thyroid and two times for breast cancer. I myself have had thyroid removal followed by breast cancer afterwards. We are concerned about this for the grandchildren and other relatives. Thank you for your time. You can write me at mjfwsa@comcast.net.

4. ramunas - October 25, 2007

All information provided here is for education purposes and information exchange only. It is designed to support and improve, not replace, the doctor-patient/site visitor relationship, and does not substitute for medical advice or consultation. If you are a patient, please contact your doctor or genetic counsellor for evaluation of your individual case or concerns.

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6. saleem - March 6, 2009

i m a thyriod cancer patient.i have consulted many doctors here

in pakistan but there is no such progress yet.therfore i kindly need an

apponitment from ur hospital. thanking u in anticipation, saleem khan

7. John - March 6, 2010

very good blog…. informative too… keep it up

kids with autism

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