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A collection of worldwide ongoing cancer genetics research studies/trials:






the Netherlands


United Kingdom

United States




If you know any relevant ongoing research study not listed here – please leave a message it in the comments-field or email me.

Created: 21/07/2007



1. Priyanka Singh - January 4, 2008

We would like to get information or link related to BRCA1&BRCA2 breast/ovarian cancer genes.Specifically about BRCA1-exon10&11 and BRCA2-exon 10&11,their functions,mutations, concequeces of mutations and for which protiens they code for.please do reply

2. Khemichand Yesekar - February 20, 2009

hello, i m a student, working on “glucose transport protein specially GLUT12 and its role in cause of cancer” as a final project of M.Sc. bioinformatics. I would like to get more detailed information on the GLUT12 and other glucose transporter protein and there role in cancer. please suggest me some research papers and web sites related to the same. thanking you..

3. al-harbi - April 28, 2009

hi,how are you imiss you.

4. deepti - July 8, 2009

i am trying for p.hd. and want to know the interesting topic to work upon mainly on breast cancer kindly help me out

5. Lateef - October 9, 2009

Hi would you tell me is there any treatment other than chemo to prevent ovarian cancer aftre chemo is given I mean successful trails or other treatments which exist in uk or in other parts of the world.
I read your article unfortunately my Sister in UK is suffering from Ovarian Cancer she is 35 a scientist.

She was discovered ovarian cancer in 2007 May and quickly operated and her both ovaries were removed and her large intestine was
for precautionary measures shortened and was kept on colostomy and when her first chemos therapies where over she was tested without cancer and after that a successful reverse colostomy was done and was successful but some days before

Doc discovered little microscopic cell active near her peritoneal cavity though blood test does not say its cancer or vice versa by Docs say its trying to come back although its not progressive or well developed so my sister asked what ever she wants to go for Chemos again with some new medicine as well and it is more than a year since her first Chemos finished. Though Texol didnt work on first line of therapy.
Now they gave her toxal and it worked now after 6 months are tests are clear and blood is as always good level.

So I would like you to help me if we are going in right direction she is healthy and having normal life style and working as well and no
other health problems good healthy weight and height and no other symptoms and first surgery could not make any damage and colostomy was also successfully reversed so please let me as a young healthy women can she defend it as she is doing she is being treated in UK in UCL

I will be thankful for your inputs. Please let me know how best she can be treated and if there are new ways or what si the best way to save this young life.
Can you suggest some treatments or trails other than standard chemo.Why to wait for recurrences cant we treat it in any other form rather than waiting disease to come back and start chemo again.PLEASE HELP.

Please respond

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